Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chapter 2: The crystals

Chapter 2: The crystals
This evening, when Elizabeth came home from her play date, she sat down and wrote a quick letter to the tooth fairy. She told her about Stella and Piper and her awesome day at their house. After she was happy with her letter, Lizzy put the fallen tooth in the tooth fairy bag and went upstairs to brush her teeth and change to her PJs.
Sharing a bed with Lucile was nice when Lizzy had nightmares, but lately, most mornings, Lizzy would find herself on the ground, rolled in blankets like a burrito. Lucile kicked and turned, pushed Lizzy away in her sleep, and stole her pillow.
Lizzy considered putting the tooth under her pillow, but quickly decided against it and instead she left the note and the tooth on the bedside table.
The next morning Lizzy woke up on the floor again. She had her pillow, but when she checked under it her fingers found only the long bristles of the soft carpet. There was nothing there. Then she remembered that she left the note and the tooth on the bedside table. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. She stretched and reached for the bedside table. Fingertips coming empty, Lizzy sat up and searched for the little white, velvet baggy. The letter was gone. Her fingers reached inside the bag and she gave a disappointed sight. She pulled out the little thing that felt very much like the tooth she’d put in there last night.
She looked at her hand and her eyes widened in surprise. A small purple crystal rolled in her palm.  She looked again at the little bag and noticed a small piece of paper sticking out. A letter from the tooth fairy! It read:         
Nine crystals
Around the Earth,
Nine crystals
To unearth
Only together
They can make it be
Only together
They can set the power free.
- The Tooth Fairy

The week went excruciatingly slow. Lizzy couldn’t wait to show her treasure to Stella and Piper. When finally Monday morning came she woke up earlier than everyone, made pancakes, ate most of them leaving some for Lucille and Mom so they get ready faster. Then, she sat on the couch to wait for her mom to get ready to go, jumping at every noise and staring at the clock. The big green screen showed 7:20AM for what seemed like an eternity.
Finally, at 8:30AM, everyone was ready to leave when Lizzy remembered the little tooth fairy bag with her treasure was still upstairs in her treasure chest. She kicked off her shoes and ran upstairs.
From upstairs she heard the car start and the garage door open. She grabbed the little bag and pushed it in her front pocket, then ran back downstairs and to the car, stopping only to grab her shoes.
“Buckle up” Mommy sang, pressing the button to close the door.

When they finally arrived at Stella and Piper’s house, Lizzy was so exited to see them she unbuckled before the car was fully stopped. This earned her a minute lecture on safety from mom, before she could let her go.
When she opened the car door, Stella and Piper were standing just outside our car. In their outstretched hands each of them held a crystal.

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