Friday, June 19, 2020

The Nine Crystals Chapter 1 (new)

Chapter 1

The teeth

The loud sound of the hairdryer woke Lizzy, she tried to sit up, but since she was rolled up into a blanket burrito, she fell. She worried at the taste of blood, she moved her tongue to feel for the wiggly tooth, but it was gone. She froze then spat out the tooth onto her free hand, she was frightened but when she found out that the tooth fairy will come that night, she started a smile. After minutes of struggling, she finally got out of the blankets, she started heading towards the bathroom she and her sister Lucile shared, she reached for the knob but the door wouldn’t open.
“Lucile open the door” Lizzy screeched.
“Go away Elizabeth! I’m drying my hair!” Lucile stoped the deafening hairdryer only to tell Lizzy to use their mom’s bathroom, Lizzy got angry after that.
When Lizzy went down the stairs to the kitchen, she smelled something amazing, she smiled and said

She started humming the tune of her favorite song until she remembered the tooth she was still holding in between her index finger and her thumb. She rushed to the bathroom to look in the mirror. She went in front of the mirror and opened her mouth, she groaned, she couldn’t see a thing. She had an idea she would take a photo with her mom’s phone, so she did she took one look at the photo and deleted it immediately, it looked gross.

After breakfast, she went to go see what day it was, since it was summer she had forgotten what day it was, she checked the calendar and cheered knocking over a plastic cup of pencils.

“Shut up Lizzy” called Lucile who had finally gotten out of the bathroom. Lizzy looked up and saw Lucile, a tall, and slim with long silky brown hair. She saw her sister looking down at Lizzy who was crouching near a cupboard to put away the pencils she had spilled while celebrating. She got up and started humming again, as she walked to the table she had forgotten her tooth on the cupboard she grabbed it and put it in a small plastic bag, which she put on a cabinet where she puts all her school stuff so she wont forget to bring it to her pillow the next time she needs to go upstairs to her bedroom.

The next day after the tooth was safely hidden under her pillow as well as a note that she wrote before bed earlier that night, she made sure she wasn’t in another burrito she got up and lifted her pillow so nothing would fall behind her bed, she looked at it and frowned,

“At least there is a note,” Lizzy thought as she opened the bag the fairy had left, she took out the funny looking stone and look carefully at it, it looked like it was glowing she threw it on her bed and started taking the note, it read,

Nine crystals
Around the Earth,
Nine crystals
To unearth
Only together
They can make it be
Only together
They can set the power free.
- The Tooth Fairy

She knew it was fake but instead of throwing it away, she kept it safe with the rock in her jewelry music box, she put it away to think about how it was Monday and that she would get to see her friends Piper and Stella, they were twins, not identical just born at the same time. She thought about that when she got dressed and decided to put it in her pocket to show the twins.

After breakfast, she called her mom to tell her that it is nine in the morning and she needed to go to her all-day playdate which she goes to the twins’ house or they come to Lizzy’s every Monday ever since Lizzy moved further away from her friends, they used to be neighbors, but now they live 5-minute drive away. A tall woman with short rusty brown hair walked down the stairs.
“Mom let’s go! ” Lizzy yelled
“Did you eat Elizabeth?” her mom yelled
“Yes,” Lizzy groaned “Now can we go?”